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Fight Club

Review Written by: Chris Burns
Film: A+
What the MPAA Rating should be: R (for prolonged violence)

Directed by: David Fincher
Written by: Jim Uhls
Based on the book by: Chuck Palahniuk
Produced by: Ross Grayson Bell, Cean Chaffin and Art Linson
Starring: Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Brad Pitt, Meat Loaf, Zach Grenier
Studio: 20th Century Fox

To say 1999 was a good year is an understatement, I believe it was the best year for film.

Fight Club is a movie that you will want to watch more than once, it is the kind of movie that will strike you with it's originality and dark humour. Nothing is really quite like Fight Club because it is an interesting study of human behaviour. David Fincher has created a film that has shaped modern cinema and it could in some ways change your outlooks on certain aspects of life. I sat down and watched Fight Club with great anticipation, from the moment the opening credits rolled and closing credits came up I was engrossed. I never really wanted it to end, there are so many unanswered questions which I wondered about after the film. There are many films made that will not appeal to a wide range of audiences, but Fight Club does. I think anyone would have a hard time not respecting just how perfected and beautifully made Fight Club is. Once you watch it will stay with you...

David Fincher has managed to create something that will go down in film history. Fight Club is a package of everything you want in a movie, all tightly wrapped up in a box. The film has some amazing cinematography and has a fast paced witty script. The cast's acting is some of the best ever and keeps you involved. You feel as if you know every character, I love the reactions between the characters. The movie is a lot like American Beauty, as they both hold a similar message to the viewer. The movie is memorable and even funny in certain places. The soundtrack is astonishing and when you hear "Where Is my mind?" by "The Pixies" playing you will just sit there stunned.

I wish the movie had won the Oscar for best screenplay. I personally would say this is David Fincher's best movie and holds Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter's best performances. The movie is an adaption of a popular modern novel by Chuck Palahniuk and has been adapted for film perfectly. The story follows a young man Jack played by Edward Norton who is in a mid-life crisis, he goes to support groups for problems he does not even have just so that he can talk to people. One day Jack is on a business flight and start chatting with Tyler Durden a mysterious soap salesman played by Brad Pitt. Jack befriends Tyler and eventually they start a group where men can lent out their frustration and anger on each other. This brutal Fight Club eventually runs out of control and becomes a terrorist organisation.

All I can say is watch Fight Club, because you will be entertained as well as disturbed by the movie. I think it is a film everyone should watch at least once. Sit down and watch it now for you are in for one hell of a ride. I just hope you like the movie as much as I did!

Brad Pitt and other members of the Fight Club.
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