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The Godfather

Review Written by: Estefan Ellison
Film: A+
What the MPAA Rating should be: R (for language, sexual content and violence)

Directed by: Francis Coppola
Written by: Francis Coppola and Mario Puzo
Based on the book by: Mario Puzo
Produced by: Albert S. Ruddy
Starring: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton
Studio: Paramount Pictures

When somebody approaches a screening of The Godfather, there is naturally going to be a bit of nervousness approaching it, since so many people have called one of the greatest films of all-time. There is a feeling that he will come away with comments like "It wasn't that great." or "That's supposed to be brilliant masterpiece." Well, I am going to add some more into the hype machine, because the many other raves about The Godfather are true. It is a phenomenal motion picture that deserves its awards, praise and even more. Francis Ford Coppola constructed one of the shining works of the New Hollywood Era and due to the many spoofs that people produce, both in films, television and YouTube, it has stayed in the memories of countless film lovers. Much like Citizen Kane and Casablanca, a viewing of The Godfather is a must for any film aficionado.

Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the head of the most powerful mafia family in America. He is aided by his sons, timid Fredo (John Cazale), violent Sonny (James Caan) and the adopted family lawyer Tom Hagen (Robertt Duvall). His youngest, Michael (Al Pacino), has returned home from serving in the Second World War to attend the wedding of his sister (Talia Shire). Unlike his brothers, he wants nothing to do with the family business and prefers to go into in a clean profession. However, after Vito is shot and wounded, Michael's inner Corleone comes out and he decides to seek revenge on those responsible. He flees to Sicily after doing his job and when he returns, he becomes the new Godfather and one of most powerful men in the mob world.

Every single aspect of The Godfather has been so praised and analysed by many historians and film critics that it will be difficult to construct an original review. Marlon Brando's performance is incredibly etched into our minds and for good reason as it stands as the pinacle of this great actor's work on film. Newcomer Al Pacino also provided a stunning acting job, making Michael a fascinating character of the Godfather universe and his brilliant work continued to even greater heights in Part II. James Caan, John Cazale and Robert Duvall add more fantastic triumph to the ensemble with their impressive work as the other three Corleone brothers. It's incredibly insane watching their work knowning that Paramount Pictures did not want them for the parts. Coppola's direction and screenplay (which he co-wrote with the book's author Mario Puzo) are also the film's high points along with Nina Rota's brilliant musical score. The Godfather is a fantastic film experience and a masterpiece of cinema that will and can be viewed many times over.

Marlon Brando's fantastic Oscar-winning work in The Godfather.
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