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An Inconvenient Truth

Review Written by: Estefan Ellison
Film: A-
What the MPAA Rating should be: G

Directed by: Davis Guggenheim
Produced by: Lawrence Bender, Scott Burns and Laurie David
Starring: Al Gore
Studio: Paramount Classics

The plot of An Inconvenient Truth described in one sentence is: Ex-vice president Al Gore gives a slide show on the effects of global warming. That doesn't sound that interesting and seems to be quite boring. However, this documentary by Davis Guggenheim is actually quite fascinating and will make you think twice about whether to buy a Toyota or a Ford. Ever since losing the 2000 presidential election, Al Gore has been touring the world giving a slide show about global warming and how it harms the environment and the planet. He has given this presentation thousands of times before and has now decided to put it on film to give his plea for help wider distribution.

Sure, it sounds extremely boring, but Gore and Guggenheim make it absolutely interesting and it also makes one think about how to improve the world. They use photographs, statistics, anecdotes and even a clip from the show Futurama to help explain their concern on the subject. I was somebody who thought that global warming wasn't a big issue. My reaction was "Isn't it a good thing that the Earth is getting hotter?" Well, An Inconvenient Truth has opened my eyes on the dangers of it. With ice constantly melting, the chances of seaside towns getting flooded are getting higher. Hurricane Katrina, that hit New Orleans in the summer of 2005, was also possibly a consequence of global warming. It is a serious issue that must be dealt with.

There are some who will accuse An Inconvenient Truth of being propaganda, but despite the presence of a former Democratic candidate, this documentary is not about who you should vote for in the next election. This is a look at what can happen if people are not more careful about what they throw away and how they do it. The one major flaw that urked this reviewer was the jabs at President Bush and his administration by Gore. It's obvious that he feels a grudge about losing the election and that he thinks he could have handled September 11 better, but it would have been more professional if he kept his feeling on the current American leader to himself. Despite that, An Inconvenient Truth offers a compelling look at what happens when we as people are not careful.

Al Gore talking about the dreaded Hurricane Katrina in An Inconvenient Truth.
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