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Review Written by: Chris Burns
Film: A-
What the MPAA Rating should be: PG (for language)

Directed by: Woody Allen
Written by: Woody Allen and Marshall Brickman
Produced by: Charles H. Joffe
Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep, Michael Murphy, Karen Ludwig
Studio: United Artists

The sprawling New York skyline is oh so beautiful...

Woody Allen's Manhattan is the thinking person's comedy. It is not the kind of the film where you will burst with laughter. Instead it is rather a subtle comedy that deals with issues that everybody in life faces. It is a study of how people and the places you live in changes around you. The movie makes you realise that there is usually something wrong in a relationship, the film tries to point out that relationships can change very fast and at any time. The movie shows how the city around you changes Woddy Allen's character Isaac Davis comments on this and it shows how industry and possessions are taking over the wonderful environment we all live in. Woddy Allen has put a bit of himself into this movie by showing his love for New York and making it seem so alive behind the lens.

Woody Allen has crafted a bittersweet comedy, that really proves many actors and actress's true talent. The cast is wonderful with the likes of Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep who pull off realistic roles. The movie's comedy is very subtle because of the way the actors play out their roles. The cast provide characters that people can relate to and understand themselves and you can really see the tension and chemistry between characters. The characters have all been developed. You know a lot about what the character thinks and feels just from the emotions and reactions to the fast changing environment around them. I got the impression they are adults who are overwhelmed with the things around them. There are subjective tones littered throughout the movie and so much can be said with just the simple shot of two people on a bench and the Brooklyn bridge towering over it.

I loved the shots of Manhattan in the nighttime and the slow moving feel throughout the movie. It is a very relaxing movie. The movie looks great in black and white and really had texture to the surroundings. I personally think that it looks stunning in black and white and this is another small touch that proves just how much things are changing, very original. The film deals with real issues in life and shows just how important people are to you. There are no movies quite like Manhattan which proves just how original the movie is. One of those ones that will stand the test of time. You notice lot of different things the more you think about the film...

Great to watch late at night on a lonely Friday night! You will either love or hate this movie, but I think most people will be able to see the genius of how well everything has been created.

Mariel Hemingway and Woody Allen in Manhattan.
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