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Miami Vice

Review Written by: Chris Burns
Film: B
What the MPAA Rating should be: R (for violence and profanity)

Directed by: Michael Mann
Written by: Michal Mann
Based on the television series by: Anthony Yerkovich
Produced by: Michael Mann and Pieter Jan Brugge
Starring: Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, John Hawkes, John Ortiz, Gong Li, Luis Tosar
Studio: Universal Pictures

Once again Michael Mann creates an entertaining and enthralling action thriller with Miami Vice. As well as staying faithful to the original iconic 80s series, it manages to being a whole new life to the franchise that changed TV and though may seem to have not got better with time it is still always going to be something special. The film's narrative structure lacks the rhythm and motion that is needed to create a more "compelling" blockbuster.

I generally hate Colin Farrell and when I heard that he had been cast as "Sonny" I was surprised and also disappointed. Colin Farrell lacks the discipline and gritty features needed to play a character such as "Sonny". What gets on my nerves about Colin Farrell's acting ability is the fact he is so "over the top" and never puts any depth, emotion or facial acting into his roles. He's generally a bland and un-appealing actor, also some of the dialogue (in particular Colin Farrell's) was so corny and lame you felt that the actor would have been being laughed at. In a strange way though you could stay the "style" of the script was a tribute to the odd 80s feel the movie had. On a lighter note Jamie Foxx was great as "Ricardo Tubbs", he lived up to the original character and put a new dimension into the role. I found it surprisingly realistic and he was awesome at keeping his "cool".

Michael Mann's beautiful, sleek and cool direction style perfectly suits the mood of Miami Vice. Mann's use of lighting (as usual) shows tremendous skill and intelligence to perfection of detail. The editing is very sharp and flows nicely, unlike the film's story which in places felt dis-joined. The style added a real raw intensity to the film's look and I felt it was very good on the eyes with some of the beautiful scenery which grabbed my attention. Mann is always a perfectionist as visual flare and creating a tense crime film (which usually are wonderfully structured). Even though the film is modern it still manages to feel very "80s" which I enjoyed.

Being a huge Miachel Mann fan and a film buff I had been highly anticipating Miami Vice and was still enthralled even though it did not match some expectations. Yes, I disagreed with a particular casting choice and was not a fan of the clumsy script, but I was still pleased with the final outcome. Though I was very hyped up for Miami Vice and it does live up to Mann's previous masterpieces it still manages to be the best film of the year so far in what is a (so far) disappointing year for film. Miami Vice is a "cool" film and I recommend it if you want some good entertainment.

Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell star in the updated Miami Vice.
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