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Snakes on a Plane

Review Written by: Will Penley
Film: A-
What the MPAA Rating should be: PG-13 (for for profanity and non-stop violence involving mother#@%^* snakes)

Directed by: David R. Ellis
Written by: John Heffernan and Sebastian Gutierezz
Produced by: Craig Berenson, Don Granger and Gary Levinsohn
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Nathan Phillips, Mark Houghton, Tom Butler
Studio: New Line Cinema

"Enough is enough! I've had it with these mother#@%^* snakes on this mother#@%^* plane!!!!!"

At long last, after months and months of anticipation, Snakes on a Plane has finally been released. Even before its release, this film had picked up a tremendous cult following. It has literally become a phenomenon in the world of the Internet and is considered to be the movie event of the year. I could go on for paragraph after paragraph about how all this got started, but I recommend you read the Wikipedia article instead. Writing this review, I just got back from the advanced screening held the night prior to opening day. Entering the theater, I knew this would be an experience I would never forget. I wasn't skeptical at all. I turned my usually-critical brain off and prepared to see one of the best worst movies of all time. You know the phrase "so-bad-it's-good"? Snakes on a Plane brings that to a whole new level.

Average citizen Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) has just witnessed a man being murdered by crime lord Eddie Kim. Now on the run for his life, Sean turns to FBI agent Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) for protection, but Flynn wants a testimony in return. Reluctant but willing, Sean agrees. The next day, Flynn and his partner John Saunders (Mark Houghton) take Sean aboard Pacific Air Flight 121. Everything seems to be going well...that is, until the snakes appear. That's right, there are mother#@%^* snakes on this plane. And that's all you need to know. Giving away any more would probably ruin it for you.

I recommend that everyone, film buff or not, go see Snakes on a Plane. Aside from Clerks II, it's the most fun I've had in theaters all year and I may even check it out once more. It's just so cheesy and twisted and bizarre, you can't help but love it! I believe I laughed constantly for at least ten minutes after the title snakes made themselves known. Jackson steals every second. I'm quite surprised at how good his performance was. Word of advice? See it with a crowd at an evening show. Even though the crowd I saw it with was relatively small, there was a certain energy present in that theater that I just can't describe. Don't go in expecting Pulp Fiction or Citizen Kane. Just sit down in the theater and expect a great time. Yes, I am giving this film an great rating. You owe it to yourself to see this.

Flynn and his witness board the snake-infested Flight 121.
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