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You Got Served

Review Written by: Vic Dalow
Film: F
What the MPAA Rating should be: PG (for sexual references)

Directed by: Chris Stokes
Written by: Chris Stokes
Produced by: Marcus Morton, Billy Pollina and Cassius Weathersby
Starring: Omarion Grandberry, Marques Houston, Jennifer Freeman
Studio: Screen Gems

I didn't expect much from a movie starring the 'boyz' from B2K, but I never expected it to be THIS bad! To even classify this as a movie is complete and utter shame. The movie features one of (if not THE) worst scripts ever written. The dialogue is a disaster, sounding as if they decided to put every single 'thug' catchphrase in one movie. The plot literally makes From Justin to Kelly look superior. You can actually see the forced motivation each character exhuberates in each scene and certain scenes are either missing or just left out for the sake of being one big hollow road.

The story is centered around some 'hoodlums' who decide to enter a dance competition to both win money and keep their own pride. It's Bring It On meets Boyz 'n' Da Hood! You just don't mix those two movies.... ever! So now we have a very predictable problem: The group members argue and eventually split up, thus having trouble practicing for the big finale. Well suddenly, with minimal practice, they get out on the stage and perform a 'thug' cheerleading dance that wows the whole crowd. Well, I suppose if you forgive and forget you can learn a routine in about a day or so! It's complete tripe! The acting is without a doubt one of the worst I've ever seen. The white 'thug' almost made me tear up from laughing as he delivers what's supposed to be a tough and gangster performance. Give me a break, it's like watching Bill Gates scaring 50 Cent.

From beginning to end, the movie almost makes an attempt at being bad. The director gets together a bunch of wannabe dancers and shoots from every angle possible. Then literally splices all the pieces together to make one remarkably disjointed scene after another. Some scenes look as though they don't even belong in the movie. For example, when Omarion (I think that's who it is) feels sad and goes out in the rain, dancing to (Wow!) a Black Eyed Peas song. It was like watching one of his music videos, only thrown into a perfectly bad movie. Sympathy grows as he and his best friend both dance in a montage that would make Eisenstein sick to his stomach, jumping from one shot to another as if they lost track of time and decided to film it any way possible.

Once the movie is done, it leaves you with absolutely no feeling. You walk out of the room or theater or airplane even, asking yourself what is the point of that ninety-minute music video was. I'll admit some of the dance moves were pretty impressive, but who cares? It's a movie, not a Michael Jackson reunion. The movie is what I'd call the biggest rip-off in the history of cinema, stealing scenes from movies such as Bring it On, every gangster movie ever made and dare I say even Shawshank Redemption (see: the rain scene). It almost makes you wonder how someone can pull off such a horrible job.

A group of silly looking "actors" in the much hated You Got Served.
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